Paper Art

Julie Yülle’s method comprises many steps. Her work begins with the painting and preparation of paper (mixing colors, painting with a paintbrush), manual or aerosol projection, and hanging the resulting production up to dry…

The next stage consists in cutting up, assembling, researching and perforating in order to produce what Julie calls her “first editions”, which are framed and revealed during art shows.

Julie Yülle also uses her cut-outs in scenographies to decorate store windows and shows, such as the new trends space (espace tendance) at the Playtime show in July 2016.

Textile Design

Next comes the reinterpretation process. The artist digitizes her cut-outs, redraws them with a graphic pen, assembles them, multiplies them and applies a color harmony. It is now time for textile design. Julie Yülle looks for accessories that complement her patterns: plain linen, specifically colored zips, piping for the finishing touches…

And nothing is left to chance! Take the artist’s formal research for the patterns that adorn her vases: drawing, tracing, cutting the pattern out, cutting and assembling the textile elements.

Everything is done by hand: sewing the fabric with a sewing machine, filling the vase with sand and micro beads, sealing it, inserting a glass tube, making branches out of real wood and decorating them with cloth leaves.

Screen printing

Constantly looking to reinvent herself, the artist also practices screen printing: digital preparation of the template, frame insulation, printing, replicating the motif on a large format or in different versions, letting it dry and applying it to various media: wallpaper, leather clutches, signed and numbered prints…

For limited editions.