Paper Art

Like a collection of rare species, these hand-cut, “scissor-drawn” paintings are trapped between two glass plates for preservation.

Are these creatures plants, animals or humans? Julie Yülle’s universe includes them all, as her world is inspired by the living, a kind of parallel people. Thus the collector becomes an actor in the protection of this singular and poetic species.


Mixing and matching these cushion’s assorted motifs is highly recommended! Vary their size, play with their scale or associate them by pairs: the choice is yours.

Julie Yülle assembles them with exceptional care: her motifs are printed in France and she works with carefully selected materials, creating and producing the prototypes herself in Paris with the help of a highly qualified needle woman.


These cloth vases are designed like textile sculptures, plumped up and weighed down, yet they have a function: that of a veritable bud vase, thanks to the insertion of a glass tube.

A few drops of water, a flower, and spring is here. However, the vase need not necessarily be decked with a bud, as it is already and forever in full bloom.

The vases are beautiful on their own, but they look even better in asymetrical groups, big and small, with various colors and motifs.

Where? On a windowsill, a dresser, a mantelpiece, a coffee table, a large dinner table – neatly set apart –, a bedside table, a countertop, a sideboard or a garden table… In short, they will fit in easily anywhere you wish, so be creative!


“DARE” is the watchword here! Hail the walls “dressed up” in these joyous motifs that know how to invest a space and imbue it with character. A single panel, an entire wall or an alcove, you choose it, we print it. Customized decorations for your walls.

Wallpaper is printed on demand, in France.