Underwater Invitation Vase

For coral lovers, deep sea explorers… From the darkness, furtive explosions of bright colors emerge, a feast for the eyes. This particular vase would fit perfectly in a cabinet of curiosities, alongside your little phantasmagorical collections.

Digital printing on cotton. Dominant colors: midnight blue, false black, red, green, bright blue and light blue…

Bud vase made of padded fabric, weighed down with a little sand at the bottom and plumped up with micro beads. A glass tube is inserted within the vase to accommodate a single fresh flower.

Maintenance: tube can be hand and machine-washed.The surface of the fabric can be cleaned with a wet cloth.

Dimensions: H 38 x 9 cm diameter


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Descriptif vaseThe Underwater Invitation motif is part of the “Invitation to travel” collection. Initially, the composition was reminiscent of a Japanese pattern and seemed to be a destination in and of itself. But the different nuances of color created the impression of an underwater landscape: dark blue sprinkled with colors as bright as coral. Patterns are based on hand-cut papers redrawn with a graphic pen.