Palm Fresh Vases

It’s a couple’s world. But not too well-matched, if possible. Infinitely adaptable to other motifs, this one is extra fresh, almost frosty! Cheerful, it is reminiscent of childhood and ice cream, pastel-toned vehicles, the sweetness of summer holidays… A cushion to dream on and remain tender at heart, while looking out a window.

Digital printing on cotton. Dominant colors: mentholated blue-green, greens, blues, acid yellow, and a touch of apricot.

Bud vase made of padded fabric, weighed down with a little sand at the bottom and plumped up with micro beads. Unequipped for fresh buds, it can be decked with an artifice of your own choosing.

Maintenance: tube can be hand and machine-washed. The surface of the fabric can be cleaned with a wet cloth.

Dimensions: two sizes are available.

Size M: H 35 x 8 cm diameter

Size S: H 26 x 8 cm diameter

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Descriptif vaseThe various “Palm” motifs are part of the “Jungle” collection, which comprises “Jungle Morning” and “Jungle Fever”. Also inspired by the big comeback of the jungle motif, in an unapologetically real-fake vintage spirit, these elements are structured differently, in a more ornamental manner, one that accentuates the webbed leaves’ contours. Patterns are based on hand-cut papers redrawn with a graphic pen.