Invitation to the Jungle Vase XXL

Perfectly at ease in an apartment with and old parquet, where the mistress of the house wanders barefoot in a silk kimono. And the vase, placed alongside very long curtains, conversing with all of these motifs, fluent in all of their languages.

Digital printing on cotton. Dominant colors: blues, greens, reds, pinks…

Bud vase made of padded fabric, weighed down with a little sand at the bottom and plumped up with micro beads. Unequipped for fresh buds, it can be decked with an artifice of your own choosing.

Maintenance: tube can be hand and machine-washed. The surface of the fabric can be cleaned with a wet cloth.
Dimensions: H 90 x 20 cm diameter


375.00 incl Tax

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OverSized vase with three sides, three different motifs: “Underwater Invitation”, “Jungle Morning ” and “Jungle Fever”, allowing for different arrangements according to your mood. This giant vase reminds the artist of the big Ming vase in which Tintin hides, on the cover of The Blue Lotus. A kind of tribute to our childhoods, though this vase does not break! It does not even have a glass tube. If you wish to fill it, you must deck it with an artifice of your own choosing. Patterns are based on hand-cut papers redrawn with a graphic pen.