The Sea Horses and the Sensitive One

A kiss, a mirror? A passing emotion awakens this tactile plant’s sensitivity, the surprised witness of unexpected movement. Chased from their natural habitat, these sea horses have found shelter within the Sensitive plant (Mimosa pudica)… And she is turned upside down over it.

Hand-cut. Hand-made. Various types of paper, acrylic painting, applied with a paintbrush and projected. Two glass plates, frame made to measure with a space to let breathe both paper and shadows. Very fine oak frame, invisible hook in the back.

Dimensions: 34,5 x 41 cm


500.00 incl Tax

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There are scenes we wish we could have witnessed. Meetings, births, precious moments. Fantasized.
To keep them from flying away, the artist has captured them here: we can almost see their shadows moving.
As if time had stopped and we could observe a scene indefinitely, contemplate the lightness of a moment, again and again.
The collector becomes an actor in the protection of these rare poetic occasions.